Written by Shannon Beal

Well, it’s that time again!  Time to deep clean the house!  Try to contain your excitement.

I actually like cleaning. I crank the music (or get my sister on speaker phone) and dig in. Fall is a great time to deep-clean because it’s nice enough to open the windows, but not too nice that you’re missing an afternoon at the pool.  I like to do a good scrub in the fall so that when it’s time to decorate for Christmas and rearrange furniture, I’m not wasting precious decor time vacuuming and dusting.  What? Shannon?  You don’t have a cleaning person? Nope.  I like to tell myself that I’m too frugal, but the truth is I’m too much of a control freak and I do like cleaning. (Plus, I expect my kids to do quite a bit of it, but that’s another blog post.)

Working in real estate, we see different levels of “clean” daily.  Everything from clients who took a toothbrush to the patio door track to the clients who should really wipe the cat hair off the walls. We’ve Seen It All. Many times clients will ask, “How clean should my house be?”  And I like to answer with, “Would you trade in your car without detailing it?”  You would never bring your Acadia back to Snell Motors filled with french fries and hair ties, so why would you list your house with overflowing closets & a scummy shower? You want to get top dollar! Detail your house.

At JBeal, we work with only the best, so we’ve put together the following list of our best cleaning products!

Let’s started with our favorite sweeper vac, the cordless Dyson. Yes, they are a little more expensive, but they are absolutely worth every penny. I’m on my 3rd one and I use it every day.  The battery lasts about 30 minutes, so you can literally vacuum your whole house.  It transitions well from any surface, even low-pile carpet and area rugs. Detaches easily for stairs, couch cushions, or car seats. Easy to empty. Cute charging station hangs on the wall. Love it!

For light mopping, Katie Regan suggests the Bona mopping system. Spray the cleaning solution on the floor and use the washable pad to mop. Our flooring installer also loves this product. Quick and easy with no streaks.

But for heavy mopping jobs, you should try steam mops.  When Elaine Buhs heard that I was still using a mop bucket & rag, she quickly filled me in on how nice these babies are. The “Light & Easy” sells on Amazon for around $100, it’s slick as a whistle.  I have a lot of wood and tile floors, and this makes quick work of mopping, while killing bacteria. Heats up in about 10 seconds, has a washable pad, and my only complaint is that I have to plug it in. 🙂  I will be using it this weekend to steam my curtains.

Our favorite cleaning products also translate to good listing photos:

  • Barkeepers Friend – this is great for polishing your stainless sink and removing waterspots.
  • ZEP  degreaser – this spray is great to polishing your stainless appliances.
  • Thieves household cleaner from Young Living – Jessica Ringler loves the smell and says it works great to polish stone countertops.

There is nothing better than opening the door to a listing or anyone’s home for that matter and have it smell clean.

Happy Cleaning!