by Shannon Beal When I’m prepping a house for a photo shoot, a song that often pops in my head is Andy Grammer’s “Fresh Eyes”. Hit play!  It’s a catchy, peppy song that makes work more enjoyable but it definitely applies to staging! Often times, we live in our environment and get so used to seeing things the way they are, that we don’t question WHY they are there.  Maybe you started redecorating your daughter’s room and forgot to swap out the curtains.  Maybe you took home a piece of furniture from your parents’ house, didn’t know where to put it, so it got left in the dining room.

Now, all I see is you with fresh eyes.

Cue the Realtor! When you’ve got a Realtor with a great eye for design and the ability to envision your room through the eye of a camera lens, you’re in good hands. It takes a fresh set of eyes to question some of your design choices and present the room in it’s best light. Every agent at JBeal is great at staging and we love giving advice.  If you’re thinking of selling and want to get a jump on prepping your house, have us over! We’d be happy to offer our opinions on what’s working and what’s not.  We are great at pointing out things you’re overlooking and usually save you the trouble of updating something that doesn’t need to be. It’s all about fresh eyes!