Bev Thorn, contributor

Thinking about learning more regarding the home-buying process?

Home Stretch is a wonderful workshop offered in the Mankato area to inform buyers what they need to know about buying a home.  The topics covered in the Home Stretch workshop include:


*Homeownership—is it right for you?

*Understanding the home buying process

*Overcoming barriers to homeownership

*Shopping for a home

*Financing a home

*Qualifying for a mortgage

*The purchasing process

*Closing on a home

*Life as a successful homeowner


Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments one will ever make.  Education & knowledge are very important when considering buying or building a home.  That is why the Home Stretch workshop will give you valuable, updated information & help you in buying your “dream” home.

*The classes are taught the 1st & 2nd Thursdays of the month.

* A nominal fee of $30 is charged for the classes.

* Please contact 311 or 507-387-8600 to pre-register.

*The classes are held at the Mankato Government Center (across from the Verizon Wireless Center) at 10 Civic Center Plaza

Bev Thorn, a realtor at JBeal Real Estate Group, teaches the section on understanding the home buying process & purchasing a home. Bev is well qualified with over 15 years experience as a realtor and years of teaching in the public school systems.  She thoroughly enjoys teaching the class, answering questions and meeting the buyers who are wanting more knowledge about the process. Through her experience, she has heard from comments given by buyers who have taken the class, the feedback is positive.  Many have indicated they learned much from attending the class—information they would not have known if they hadn’t attended.