3 tipsSpring and summer are our most active real estate seasons and for good reason:  it’s warm out!  Also, schools are out so it’s a great time for families to move if they need to switch school districts, college graduates may be moving into town to start new jobs, and renters typically have leases come up in the summer months.

So, what can you as a seller do to make sure your home sells before the leaves start falling?

1. Price.  Make sure you are priced competitively with other active listings in your neighborhood and keep up to date on what has been selling around you.  Your JBeal agent would love to share with you what some of these statistics are.  If you haven’t had many showings lately, it may be time to do a price reduction.

2. Exterior Staging.  Staging begins at the curb.  I often tell sellers that buyers will form their opinion about the house while I’m opening up the lockbox.  During the minute that it takes to open up the house, buyers are looking around and forming opinions based on lawn and landscaping or cobwebs and dirt. Spend some time cleaning the windows of the door, setting our flowers, and decorating your front entry to feel welcoming to a buyer.  If they get the impression that you care about your front door, they’ll get the impression that you’ve cared well for the entire house.

3. Interior Staging.  Declutter, neutralize, maximize space. You’re used to looking at your stuff, so it might be time to have an honest friend come over and help you edit. You want your house to feel almost empty to you. Kitchen counters should have no more than 2-3 items on them, bathroom counters should have only handsoap and tissue.  Get the idea here?

It’s amazing what a difference decor can make in the success of a listing. If you don’t have an eye for design, check out Pinterest or Houzz.com for ideas on pulling together an unused bedroom or creating a cute tablescape. Of course you want things decluttered, but you still want the house to feel warm and cared for. When in doubt, just ask! Our JBeal agents are great at assisting you in staging.

Some of these tips are pretty basic, but it’s amazing how many sellers will overlook them when trying to sell.  For more information on selling your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Shannon Beal