We all know that children and pets can get into things they aren't supposed to do way too often. So here are some great ways for you to baby and pet-proof your home to keep all your children and pets safe!


Use Safety Gates to Restrict Areas

There are always places in your home that you want to keep children and pets out of and since you don’t have 12 sets of eyes to watch everyone, a great way to keep them out of those areas is to set up safety gates. These are also great to set up around stairs to help ensure no one falls down them.

Install Childproof Locks 

We all have places you don’t want your pets or children getting into, whether that is drawers with kitchen knives or cabinets with dog/cat treats, you can install childproof locks on almost everything. You can also put locks on things like doorknobs or even on your stovetop knobs to keep everyone in the home safe.

Keep Cleaning Solutions and Medicines Out of Reach

The last thing you want is for your child or pet to accidentally get into something that could harm them. A great way to help ensure that doesn't happen is to keep all cleaning solutions, medication, alcohol, etc up on high shelves and out of reach. If you have cats, I suggest locking these supplies up in a medicine cabinet because cats can get to some of those higher-to-reach places. 

Always Put the Seat Down

You might not think about this one, but pets love to use the toilet as a waterhole when the seat is left up, so try and always remember to keep it down. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep a lock on it while you have young children too just to keep them from trying to reach into it out of curiosity when they are able to start wandering around. 

Secure All Unstable Furniture

Both children and pets can get a little rambunctious at times and you always want to protect them from getting hurt. To help keep them safe around your furniture when they get too rowdy, secure all bookshelves or anything else that could fall over when bumped with anchors or brackets! 

Hide All Toys 

Whether it be a dog toy or a baby toy, keep them in a closed bin that neither your pets nor child can get into when they are not in use. This can prevent children from getting a hold of toys that are choking hazards and keep pets away from toys that aren’t for them.