Summer is coming to an end... are you and your home ready? 

Not sure how to get your home ready for Fall? Don't worry, we have you covered!

Check out this end-of-summer home maintenance checklist.

Clean your gutters! - It is best to clean your gutters at the end of each season to prevent buildup that could cause blockage. If possible, running a hose through your gutters is also a great idea to ensure it is still draining correctly and there are no leaks. 

Make sure you are using weather-stripping! - As the temperatures begin to fall you want to make sure that the cold air stays out of your home. To help ensure this, add or replace the weather stripping on all your exterior doors and windows if your windows are 20+ years old or leaking air.


Insulate your water pipes before the first freeze! -We all know that once MN gets cold, it gets very cold, so it's always best to prepare early. The best way to keep your pipes from freezing as the temperature drops is to insulate all your water pipe sleeves, with heat tape, or similar materials.

Don't forget to replace your filters! - Your air conditioner has been working hard all summer, so it is very important to replace your filters after each season to prolong the life of your HVAC system. Luckily, changing your filters is super easy and affordable.


Prevent a carbon monoxide disaster! - First, make sure you have functioning carbon monoxide detectors within 10’ of all sleeping rooms in your house; it’s MN state law. You can buy these at any home improvement store for less than $30 and plug them into an outlet. Next, go around the outside of your home and make sure your home’s intake and exhaust pipes have sufficient clearance off the ground in case of snowfall blockage. Our favorite home inspector recommends having extensions 3’ off the ground. Make sure bushes/landscaping aren’t blocking these as well.


Aerate your soil! - By aerating your lawn you will be in a sense “allowing your lawn to breathe”. This may be the most important thing to do to your lawn to keep it healthy and looking good year-round. This should be done at least twice a year, preferably in Fall and Spring. 



Don’t forget to fertilize! - Speaking of lawns, you should also be fertilizing your lawn in the fall. You should fertilize roughly 3 weeks before your last mow of the season. This will allow the grass to absorb the nutrients before the temperatures drop and the grass goes dormant for winter. 



Winterize your sprinkler system! - Once you have finished watering your lawn for the season, you will want to blow out your sprinkler system to ensure it doesn't freeze. You can either hire someone to do this or use your own compressor to get the job done. Be aware that it is a process and do your research on how to do it on your own before attempting to tackle it at home. 



Start prepping your winter car survival kit! - We know it is only Fall, but you never know when those temperatures will begin to drop. It is always a great idea to put together a winter survival kit to store in your car to be extra prepared in case you are ever stranded in the cold. Some great things to include in this would be blankets, mittens, hats, lighter, jumper cables, and boots, just to name a few.