Get the Exterior of Your Home Ready for Spring


Spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s almost time to start enjoying your outdoor spaces again! Here are some great tips on what to tackle when you start spring cleaning the exterior of your home. 

Clean Out Your Gutters


Winter snow and wind can cause your gutters to fill up with debris. You want to clean your gutters out before spring to ensure they are working properly to allow all of the water from the Spring showers to flow through them properly. Grab a ladder and a trash bag and start bagging up the debris you can find. After you have removed all of it, run a hose to flush out the rest of your gutters. While you are running the hose through you can also see where any leaks may have formed during the winter and patch those up before the next rainfall. 

Clean Up Your Yard


After the snow melts, you most likely will find leaves and other debris left in your yard as well. Start by raking and collecting it all in bags for disposal. To give your lawn some extra nutrients, you can always use a mulching mower to shred and mulch the leaves and use them as compost. 


This is also a great time to look around at your trees and shrubs and get them ready for the spring bloom. You will want to cut off any dead, diseased, or out-of-control branches. Always cut away from you so that the branches don’t risk falling on you. 

Wash Off Your Home’s Exterior


One of the best ways to get grime and dirt off the exterior is by using a pressure washer full. The best method to use your washer is to allow its cleaning solution to work on one area for a few minutes before you rinse it off with water only. Always start at a low pressure to ensure you don’t damage any of your siding in the process. 


This is also a great time to get your windows clean so you can let in all that beautiful spring light! Some great ways to get the exterior side of your windows clean are by spraying them with window cleaner and then using a large squeegee to wipe them clean. To avoid leaving streaks on your windows, wipe off your squeegee with a cloth after each pass.

Aerate Your Lawn


Once the grass has begun to grow it is time to start thinking about aerating. This is usually done after the first or second mow. Aerating your lawn allows for greater movement of water, fertilizer, and air throughout the soil, which allows for deeper root growth and a healthy lawn. It is important that you do this before fertilizing to ensure you get the maximum benefits. There are several places around town you can rent aerators, including Menards and River Bend Rental Mankato if you aren’t ready to buy one just yet. 

Get Your Garden and Garden Beds Ready to Bloom


Your garden needs just as much love as your lawn does if you want it to bloom beautifully this spring. Make sure you remove all weeds that may have grown in to allow for beautiful plants and flowers. After you clear out all weeds it is time to fertilize. Use a pH kit to determine which fertilizer would be best for your soil. Mulching your garden and garden beds is also very beneficial to prevent weeds and help the soil maintain more water all season long. Layer your mulch 2”-4” deep to help keep weeds from sprouting. 

Prep Your Patio


After winter you always want to check your patio and deck for any damage that may have happened during the many snowfalls. If you see any damage that has been caused, make sure to make those repairs as needed. Other ways you can prep your patio is by sweeping off any excess debris and pressure washing off any crusted dirt or stains. Once your deck/patio is clean you can bring your outdoor furniture out of storage. You will want to wash off all your furniture and make sure it's clean and ready for spring and summer sitting. Finish off by bringing out any outdoor rugs, planters, lights, wind chimes, grills and smokers. Now that your patio and deck are all prepped, you are ready to start enjoying the warmer weather!